Configuration Overview

Lithos has 4 configs:

  1. /etc/lithos/master.yaml – global configuration for whole lithos daemon. Empty config should work most of the time. Master Configuration
  2. /etc/lithos/sandboxes/<NAME>.yaml – the allowed paths and other system limits for every sandbox. You may think of a sandbox as a single application. Sandbox Config
  3. /etc/lithos/processes/<NAME>.yaml – you may think of it as a list of pairs (image_name, num_of_processes_to_run). It’s only a tiny bit longer than that. Process Config
  4. <IMAGE>/config/<NAME>.yaml – configuration of process to run. It’s where all the needed to run process are. It’s stored inside the image (so updated with new image), and limited by limits in sandbox config. Container Configuration

It may look too much. But note that in some real-world deployment I have first two configs contain 8 lines (5 unique settings). The third is simple. And the fourth has essential info you need to run process in like in any other supervisor.